Hohenruppersdorf & Surroundings

AT_01_hahn_01_estateThe wine-growing village Hohenruppersdorf is located at the eastern edge of the Weinviertel region. The baroque church has become a landmark of the Weinviertel and because of its hight you can already see it from a far distance.


The landscape and its soft hills are dominated by the vineyards and the long wine-growing history of this village. At any time of the year or day the vineyards are surrounded by a very special atmosphere, wether that would be early in the morning at sunrise, after a little summer rain or on a beautiful and sunny autumn day.



The beautiful landscape of the Weinvierten and especially of the surroundings of Hohenruppersdorf are best explored by bike or by taking a walk. Lots of cycling and walking paths will guide you through some of our vineyards and the center of the village.